Kit Yamaha Dtr 50 Sm Izumi




Kit Yamaha Dtr 50 Sm
Kit Yamaha Dtr 50 Sm
Kit Yamaha Dtr 50 Sm
Kit Yamaha Dtr 50 Sm
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Front sprocket:

Rear sprocket:


Kit Yamaha Dtr 50 Sm

Brand: Izumi

Category: Japan chain and sprocket kit

Material: Hyper Reinforced

Chain pitch: 420

Kit content: Chain, front sprocket, rear sprocket, (clip link and/or rivet link)

Original front sprocket: 11

Original rear sprocket: 48

Additional information: Hyper Reinforced, Years 03 05

  Kit 11 48

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Product information

The kit includes a Standart chain, a front sprocket, a rear sprocket , a split link and/or a rivet link. Follow the manufacturer's instructions as the requirements are different for each bike model. Possible exchange in case of error in the model. The kit is under warranty 12 months or 10000km.

Pitch Roller diameter Inner Width Pin length Plates thickness Average tensile strength Color plates Type of ring Weight
(P) mm (d1 max) mm (b1 min) mm (Lc max) mm (T1) mm (T2) mm (Q0) kn     kg/m Kg/100 links
12.7 7.77 6.35 14.8 1.45 1.45 15.7 STEEL Standard 0.6 0.95